Sport North East Youth Advisory Group (SNE YAG)

What is Sport North East Youth Advisory Group?

A diverse group with young people under the age of 25 to play an active role in decision making and co-designing initiatives/programs meant to overcome the barriers faced by young people to participation in sport and active recreation in northeast Victoria.

Who can join Sport North East Youth Advisory Group?

For a person to join Sport North East Youth Advisory Group, they must

  1. Be under the age of 25
  2. Be residing in one of these regions – Wangaratta, Wodonga, Alpine Shire, Indigo Shire, Towong Shire
  3. Be willing to actively contribute to co-designing programs through commitment and support
  4. Be willing to attend YAG related online meetings and activities

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What is the purpose of SNE YAG?

To enable the voice of the young people to drive initiatives and programs focused on sport and active recreation for their age groups. This is achieved by abiding by the three principles in Regional Sport Assemblies Network Youth Charter (– Acknowledge, Engage and Empower.

Acknowledge – Young people’s ideas, voice, contribution, existing barriers to participation and promote diversity and inclusion

Engage – Collaboration, honest feedback and finding new ways to work with young people, collaborate with youth organizations

Empower – Support young people to interact with their sport and active recreation clubs and community, create new opportunities for young people to participate in sport and follow their passion, provide pathways for the group to be a part of governance structures and decision-making bodies.

What are SNE YAG’s responsibilities?

  1. Attend a minimum of 8 out of 10 monthly meetings in a year (each meeting will be 45 minutes long)
  2. Identify barriers faced by the young people in northeast Victoria
  3. Co-design programs for young people to participate in sport and active recreation
  4. Mentor other young people to deliver/co-design the program

Who are SNE YAG engaging with?

  1. Sport North East (The Regional Sports Assembly for northeast Victoria)
  2. Their peers from northeast Victoria
  3. Sports clubs and decision making bodies

How would the community benefit from SNE YAG?

Insights gained through the group would be communicated to the sports clubs, local councils, local youth-facing organizations,

What role does SNE play?

  1. Communicate/promote engagement opportunities with the support of other youth focused organizations, stakeholders, and community groups
  2. Provide consultation activities that increase the confidence of young people and provide support for their success
  3. Use multiple and flexible engagement techniques to meet the needs of young people – reach out to others who may have provided similar opportunities before
  4. Show appreciation for the contributions of young people and share their success throughout your networks
  5. Where possible provide equitable contributions to acknowledge participation
  6. Tell young people how their feedback will be used and provide an opportunity for them follow through with the project
  7. Provide contact details and ways that the young person can obtain further information following the consultation
  8. Share feedback and results with young people regardless of the outcomes
  9. Actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other youth focused organizations – together we can provide more relevant and equitable opportunities
  10. Be understanding and respectful when discussing sensitive topics and provide resources to support a young person who may be facing challenges

For any questions or information, please contact

Varshana Kumara Swamy
Sport and Recreation Development Officer
Email :
Ph : 0427464638