Week 3 Targets

Supported by VicHealth

Targets for Walking, All Abilities, Running and Cycling activities

(18th October to 24th October)

Click here for all Abilities – Wheelchair/sitting Arm Workout!

Click here for New Sport? – Pickleball!

In this week, aim at making small tweaks in your routine by adding replacing a short drive with a walk or a bike ride, add a minute or two to your usual bike ride or running time. A small change may benefit you in the long run. Pick any task for the week or mix it up with your own and perform it with your close ones and make SportoberVIC your own!

Share your experiences and joy with us and the community with messages and pictures using the hashtag #sportobervic or tag us. We would love to hear from you 🙂

Please consult your physician or trained professionals to be sure that you are allowed to perform these activities without causing any harm to yourself or others.