Resources: Hot Weather and Air Quality

With a long and hot summer ahead and many parts of our region and country under bushfire threats and a smokey haze, it’s important to be aware of the risks and welfare of all our participants, coaches, umpires/referees and volunteers when being active during this time.

Young people (under 14) in particular, are sensitive to heat and air quality conditions.

For local clubs and associations, check to see if you currently have any policies relating to heat and/or air quality – these will provide you with the guidelines to make decisions around whether any competition, training or event should commence and when they may be postponed or cancelled.

If your club or association does not have a current policy in place, refer to your governing body – a State Sporting Association or National Sporting Organisation – for any policies that may cover your organisation.

As a club or association, you may wish to build your own policy and procedure for determining when it is safe to be active. The following resources are available.
For hot weather:
Sports Medicine Australia

For air quality:
Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria
Australian Institute of Sport

For any policies or decisions, it is important that these are made available to all your members. If your organisation would like some assistance in developing a heat, air quality or any other policy, contact Sport North East today.