Disability and Inclusion


All ability and modified programming aims to provide greater inclusive opportunities for people to participate in mainstream sport and recreation activities throughout Victoria.

Benefits for participants

Many people can benefit from inclusive sport and recreation. In addition to improving your health and wellbeing, there are opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, learn new skills and have fun.

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Benefits for clubs

Our Project Coordinators can work with clubs to:

  • Develop welcoming and inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for people of all abilities, cultural backgrounds and to increase the participation of women in sport
  • Provide assistance in attracting and retaining membership
  • Provide grant information and support with grant applications
  • Assist with promoting inclusive programs and opportunities
  • Assist with disability awareness training for coaches, officials and volunteers

This can lead to:

  • Increased membership and participation
  • More diverse club memberships
  • New volunteers, officials and spectators
  • Enhanced club profile within the community
  • Inclusive and sustainable programs and competitions
  • Connections to local communities and service networks


If you, your club, or someone you know is interested in participating or finding out more information about activities in your area, please contact Sport North East on 03 5721 0251 or email sportnortheast@thecentre.vic.edu.au