Child Safe Standards

Is your club Child Safe?

We know that you want to answer ‘yes’. You go out of your way to ensure that the children in your club learn new skills, have fun and develop a passion for their chosen sport. We know that, like many organisations that work with children, you have their best interests at heart. Unfortunately, however, we also know that many organisations do not have the necessary policies, practices and culture in place to protect and nurture children, and so they cannot claim to be child safe. Would you still like to answer ‘yes’?

Victorian Government’s Child Safe Standards are mandatory and a legal requirement for sporting clubs. The Standards can help to create a culture that ensures all children are physically, emotionally and culturally safe.

Sport North East can assist your club to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Standards and how you can apply them to ensure your club is child safe. Discussions can focus on the culture and leadership of your organisation, the policies you need, how to put together a code of conduct, recruiting and training staff and volunteers, responding to and reporting suspected abuse, identifying and removing risks, and  promoting the participation and empowerment of the children in your club.

A Child Safe club is an important element in the foundation of a successful, thriving sporting club. For assistance on your club’s commitment to being child safe, contact us today.