School Holiday Program


Registration open dates
10am Monday 10th December – 12pm Friday 21st December 2018 inclusive.
Registration reopens on Thursday 3rd January 2019

The School Holiday Program, which is supported through VicHealth’s Regional Sport Program, aims to provide opportunities for boys and girls aged 5-12 years to be active, in addition to introducing them to a sport and a local club.

Please check the session days and times for each individual sport, which are found on the registration form on this page. Please note some sports have limited space available, as indicated on the booking form. Once the limit is reached, we will no longer accept registrations for that particular sport.

The Sports available for Summer are:

Hockey with Beechworth & District Hockey Club at Mayday Hills Oval, Albert Road & Gilchrist Avenue, Beechworth

Tennis with Bright Tennis Club at Bright Tennis Club, Coronation Avenue, Bright

Tennis with Chiltern Tennis Club at Chiltern Tennis Club, Conness Street, Chiltern

Mount Beauty
Tennis with Mount Beauty Tennis Club at Mount Beauty Tennis Club, Tennis Ct Avenue, Mount Beauty

Baseball with Porepunkah Baseball Club at Porepunkah Recreational Reserve, Martley Street, Porepunkah

Rugby League with Wodonga Storm Junior RL Club at Willow Park, Pearce Street, Wodonga

Please register by completing the form below.

Participant Registration - School Holiday Program
Your answer to these questions has no bearing to your participation in this program.
This may include sport, exercise and brisk walking or cycling for recreation or to get to and from places, but should not include housework or physical activity that may be part of your job.
This may include sport, exercise and brisk walking or cycling for recreation or to get to and from places.

Finally, these last few questions are designed solely to compare the group of people who take part in the program to the characteristics of the general population.

I give permission for Sport North East (SNE) and its funding partners to reproduce and display photographs in which my child appears, in publications (including Facebook, Twitter, e-News, website), displays or paid advertising related to SNE promotion. If I do not wish for my child to be in any photographs or videos, I will notify Sport North East staff on the day prior to the beginning of the session. I consent for my child to take part in the activity/s by Sport North East, understand all information, and agree Sport North East will not incur any responsibility or liability for accident/injury/damage to/loss of property of my child during the activity. I authorise Sport North East to obtain medical/ambulance assistance in the case of an emergency involving my child, and agree to supply my child with all necessary medication and understand that staff cannot administer medication to my child. I understand that if my child misbehaves or is identified with a potential communicable disease, a nominated guardian will be required to pick my child up from the activity, or alternative arrangements will be made at my cost. Please note your non-identifiable data will be provided to LaTrobe University on behalf of VicHealth. I understand and accept that it is my responsibility to advise Sport North East of changes to any information supplied and I will advise SNE if I do not wish to receive further information regarding research.

For further information on our School Holiday Program, and how your club can be involved, please contact Sport North East using the details below.

Phone: (03) 5721 0200