Good Sports

The Alcohol & Drug Foundation’s Good Sports Program assists sporting clubs to enhance their important role in the community by adopting practices which promote the responsible management of alcohol and an inclusive family environment. The Good Sports Program aims to reduce alcohol related harm, increase the viability of sporting clubs and improve the range and quality of sports options available in the community.

Research has shown that Good Sports clubs are safer and healthier places for people to be. As a result, the club’s image in the community is enhanced, assisting them to attract more families, juniors, members and sponsors. This enables clubs to generate new revenue sources and reduce their reliance on alcohol sales. Clubs also develop more positive relationships in the community and reduce their risk by upholding ‘duty of care’ with their players, members and supporters.

The key strategy of Good Sports is the accreditation program. The three level accreditation criteria consist of a set of alcohol management standards for clubs that serve and consume alcohol. Clubs are required to move through the levels in a prescribed amount of time (maximum 5 years), maintaining all the criteria from previous levels as they do so. One of the key benefits to clubs of registering in the free program is the support that they receive in changing culture. A Good Sports Project Officer assists club committee members through the entire process.

Level 1:

  • Liquor license
  • Bar management (RSA training)
  • Smoke-free

Level 2:

  • Maintenance of Level 1 criteria
  • Enhanced bar management (RSA training, etc.)
  • Food and drink (low and non alcoholic) options
  • Safe transport policy
  • Diverse revenue generation

Level 3:

  • Maintenance of Level 1 & 2 criteria
  • Alcohol management policy

At each level, the club must promote their involvement in the program to their members.

For further information click on or contact Andrew Bowden, project Coordinator at Sport North East on PH: 03 5721 0249 or email:

Club Liquor Licensing Seminars

Do you sell, serve or consume alcohol at your sporting club?
Does you club hold a liquor license?
Is your club planning on applying for a liquor license?
Do you know what your club’s Liquor License actually covers?

The aim is to assist sporting and community groups in ensuring that liquor is responsibly and legally sold and consumed within the club. Club Liquor Licensing Seminars are industry recognised with participants receiving a certificate of attendance; a legal requirement for clubs changing their Liquor nominee, changing their existing liquor license, or clubs applying for a liquor license for the first time.

Club Seminars Cover the Following Topics:

  • Understanding your liquor license
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Club rules
  • Duty of care/server liability
  • Underage issues
  • Intoxication
  • ‘Signing in’ requirements
  • Non member functions
  • The Good Sports Program

Club seminar training can be undertaken by club committee members in place of New Entrant Training in order to meet training requirements for a new club license.

Sport North East coordinates these seminars in the Alpine, Indigo, Towong, Wangaratta and Wodonga local government areas, in conjunction with Good Sports and Victoria Police. For further information please contact Andrew Bowden, Project Coordinator at Sport North East, on 03 5721 0249 or  email

Responsible Serving of Alcohol

Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) Courses are conducted by Liquor Licensing in conjunction with Good Sports.

The topics covered include: – Understanding your liquor license – Non member functions/limited licenses – Legal responsibilities – Club rules – Duty of Care/server liability – Underage issues – Signs of intoxication – Signing in requirements

Club members attending a RSA course will obtain a greater awareness of legal issues and how to avoid potential legal problems. It will also provide bar staff with a better understanding of the effects of alcohol and the issues connected with its abuse and misuse in a club environment. The RSA certificate is a recognised qualification by the hospitality industry. If club members have previously completed an RSA course, they can complete an online refresher course on the Liquor Licensing website –

Sport North East organises RSA courses regularly for all sport and recreation organisations.

The course duration is 4 hours.  As the course is heavily subsidised by The Centre and Sport North East, the subsidised price is only available to sporting club members who are doing the Good Sports program.

For further information please contact Andrew Bowden, Project Coordinator at Sport North East on 03 5721 0200 or email: