Regional Sport and Recreation

Sport North East, through funding from the Regional Sport and Recreation Program (Sport and Recreation Victoria), provide a range of information and resources about support, grants, and club development for sports and recreation clubs in North East Victoria.

Sport North East are able to offer support in:

  • Facilitating volunteer recruitment, retention and policy workshops
  • Information and/or workshops on governance, succession planning, grant writing, developing club policies and procedures and strategies for sustainability
  • Looking at modified and social versions of sports to increase participation and membership
  • Ways of creating welcoming, family-friendly and inclusive clubs
  • Resources, strategies, policies and procedures for dealing with issues such as alcohol consumption, other drugs, and gambling on game outcomes, and
  • Information about grants and opportunities through our monthly e-newsletters, social media alerts and website

Sport North East promote grants that are currently available to local sports and recreation clubs.  We are able to provide advice about interpreting and responding to funding guidelines, and letters of support.

Grant Writing Workshops are available to help local sports and recreation clubs gain a greater understanding of the application process for grants. The workshops provide:

  • Practical advice from industry professionals
  • Assistance in interpreting eligibility for funding, and
  • Strategies for developing and submitting a successful application

For more information contact;

Andrew Bowden Project Coordinator
P: (03) 5721 0249